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How To Use An Electronic Cigarette


How Do I Use An Electronic Cigarette?

It’s not surprising that in today’s technologically forward-thinking society, an alternative to smoking has been developed. The electronic cigarette, otherwise known as the e-cigarette, is reputed for its ability to offer the satisfaction of nicotine, without the toxic carbon monoxide and tar content. In addition to this health benefit, the electronic cigarette is relatively uncomplicated to use.

Putting It Together:

An electronic cigarette consists of four components that are easily assembled: the atomizing device, the inhaler, the nicotine cartridge and the battery.

To assemble an electronic cigarette for immediate use, you simply have to do the following:

- Remove the plastic inhaler from the atomizer and battery

- Insert a fresh, unsealed nicotine cartridge into the plastic inhaler

- Reattach the plastic inhaler containing the new nicotine cartridge to the atomizing device

- Attach the atomizing device to the battery

Using The E-Cigarette:

Once the electronic cigarette is assembled, it is ready for immediate use. The atomizing device contains an electronic circuit that will operate as soon as the cigarette is inhaled. To use the e-cigarette, simply inhale it as you would a normal cigarette. The electronic cigarette will emit a vapor that simulates the smoke that is emitted by ordinary cigarettes.

To stop smoking the electronic cigarette, simply stop inhaling. The e-cigarette will immediately go into stand-by until the next time that you decide to use it.

Keeping It Charged:

An LED light cover is located at the tip of an e-cigarette and is activated every time that you inhale. This light not only simulates the smoldering of ordinary cigarettes, it also indicates the strength of the battery. The intensity of the light when using the e-cigarette will indicate whether the battery needs to be recharged.

E-cigarette lithium batteries are easily charged with a specially designed charger. The first charging session takes eight hours and thereafter approximately four hours. Depending on how much you smoke, you will only have to charge the battery once a day. Of course, there is always the option of acquiring spare batteries.

The Advantages:

Smoking electronic cigarettes emits no offensive combustible material so they can be used almost anywhere, secondhand smoke is no longer a concern. Using e-cigarettes also means that you can choose your nicotine cartridge strength and flavor preference.

Overall, the e-cigarette is easy to assemble and use. It doesn’t require the use of lighters and matches, and it can be used in practically all environments. E-cigarettes offer the ordinary satisfaction of smoking in a straightforward, user-friendly way.